7 Healthy Snacks For Work

  1. Rice cakes

    • Rice cakes are usually made from whole grain brown rice and are baked to perfection. They come in a variety of flavors including caramel, cheaper, sour cream and others. They make a good snack because they are fat free and are low in calories. But beware they are not a good source of nutrients. But if you a fat free snack, take a look at the variety of rice cakes available.
  2. Cucumbers in Italian Dressing

    • Cucumbers are great vegetables to help curb your appetite plus they are one of the most healthiest vegetables. Very few foods are low calories and high in valuable nutrients. Cut up some cucumbers, put them in a bowl, and add fat free Italian Dressing. Not only is this little mix tasty but it’s actually fat free and very healthy.
  3. Carrots

    • Carrots are also amoung the top healthiest vegetables.  They are low fat as well as super nutritious. The great thing about eating carrots is that they already come pre-packaged in little snack bags.  That means no cutting or preparing. Just grab and go.  If you want a little ranch to eat with them, then grab some fat free ranch.
  4. Apples

    • Unlike some of the other snacks on this list, apples are actually fat free, nutritious, and quiet tasty! There’s nothing like a sweet snack to curb your appetite. Eating fresh fruit is one of the best things you can do for your body. You can also spice up Apples with peanut butter to get extra protein. So if you want a delicious, crunchy smack that’s packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, grab you a fresh apple.Veggie Staws
  5. Veggie Chips

    • Veggie Chips,  also known as vegetable chips are Chips made from vegetables. They may be baked,  fried, or dried. You can buy them in the store or you can make your own! Vegetable chips may not be as healthy as other snacks because a lot of the nutrients are lost in the priced of making them so they don’t offer much nutrition. So like rice cakes,  they are snacks for less calorie intake. Make sure to check the label because some brands may have fat calories that’s the same as normal potatoe chips!
  6. Gluten Free Popped Corn Chips

    • Popped Corner Chips are a new shape of popcorn. They are a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. The contain all natural ingredients and are gluten free.They come in many flavors including white cheddar, caramel, sea salt butter, kettle, and cheesy jalapeño. You can also buy a fat fee dip to eat with them. The calories are only around 130 per serving with only 45 fat calories. Try these tasty snacks when you have the munches.Nuts
  7. Nuts

    • Nuts are a fruit that provide a range of nutrients.  Nuts are more fattening than the other snacks on this list but they provide a huge source of energy and protein. Unroasted nuts have the most nutrition because up to 15% of the fats are destroyed during the roasting process. Nuts are a great snack for work instead of eating junk food.

Any of these 7 snacks are great alternatives to snacking on junk food while at work.  So the next time you go grocery shopping for the week, pick up some of these healthy snacks.